Areni Village

The history of Areni village located in Vayots Dzor region dates back to the 3rd century BC. This sunny village is well known for its best wines varieties. With a unique fragrance and delicate flavor the wine “Areni” has its honorable place among the most respected Armenian wines. The best way to prove the above mentioned is to visit the village winery. The church St. Atsvatsatsin was constructed in 1321 by the talented architect Momik. 

The village Areni being surrounded by numerous vineyards gives a new fragrance and flavor to Armenia, about which even Roman historians write in their works. The taste and fragrance of Armenian wine maintains memory in it for centuries. In 5th century BC Ksenofone a Greek writer and historian mentions about Armenian wine in his “Anabasis” work. Areni is considered to be the most flavorful wine cradle in Armenia. Despite the fact that the vineyards of this village were condemned to failure in 1604’s forced deportation of the inhabitants, but the sturdiest types of the grapes were preserved and the settlements brought back its former reputations as the best wine-maker. 

Areni is one of the most important villages of Armenia and is located on the bank of the river Arpa. Thegeographical and climatic conditions of the village have been favorable for the development of viticulture and winemaking. The village is situated 980 m above sea level and has carbon saturated soil and 
abundance of sunshine. The wild grapes here were cultivated during the early Bronze Age. Areni village has more than two dozen indigenous grape varieties, the most valuable of which is Areni which is made into the renowned Areni wine. More than 300 tons of 
“Areni” wine is produced per year and sold not only in Armenia but also abroad.
Currently there works two wine factories in Areni village. And by this wine people embellish their traditional and revelry tables and wish good luck and best wishes to each other. 

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