List of the festivals and fairs helding in Armenia.


1.“Arts and Crafts” Festival, Shirak Region, Gyumri city


- Grand opening ceremony

-Crafts and arts works and tools exhibition

-National music,dances,games,theatrical humorous performances


-Traditional scenes (winch, bobbin, wool teasing and etc.)

-Paintings exhibition

2.“Areni Wine Festival”, Vayots Dzor Region, the first Saturday of October

-Armenian wine-maker’s fair

-Public and professional wine tasting

-Business meetings 

-National music, dances, games, theatrical performances

-Contests- “Armenia in your eyes” best wine label contest, “Gold keg” prize for the best wine among the best wine producers, “Wine tasting contest” among homemade wine producers, “The best souvenir of the festival” etc. 

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